“[W]e strongly urge men and women to be willing to serve on school boards, city and county councils and commissions, state legislatures, and other high offices of either election or appointment, including involvement in the political party of their choice.” (Emphasis added.) 

That’s advice from the First Presidency.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has long advised members—whatever their political affiliation—to be actively engaged in their communities and politics. 

At Project Elect, we believe that governments and communities are missing out on having women in public decision-making seats. If we women of faith refuse to serve in public decision-making roles, we are disregarding our responsibilities and opportunities to be voices of wisdom, experience, and reason in a hugely important arena of human life.


Project Elect’s goal is to reach out to members of the Church to educate them on the importance of women’s involvement in public service.

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