Nominate A Woman To Run For Office

Women members of the Church already know about their community’s problems and strengths. They already have ideas on how to solve them. They have deep networks. They have the experience and skills they need to be incredible elected officials. So why don’t they run for office more often?


Research shows that women need to be asked to run. Often multiple times. They do not get asked nearly as often as they should. You can help solve that problem by asking a woman in your life to consider a run for office.

Project Elect Has Made it Simple for you to ask a woman to run for office

The first step is to identify a women you think would make a great officeholder. Women bring to political life experiences, policy perspectives, and concerns that differ from those of men. We need their voices in our governing bodies. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when considering a women who could make a great officeholder. She doesn’t need to be an attorney or business leader –we need women’s everyday perspective on education, childcare, health care, housing, education, finances, etc. Life experiences can make a woman qualified to run for office, not just her resume.

Once you’ve identified a woman who’d be a great officeholder, we have two ways you can ask her to run for office. First, do you know a recent Church calling she has held? Perhaps one where she organized events, moderated disputes, led groups of people or gave public talks? Guess what – all those skills are exactly what she would need to run for office, and you can let her know that. Click on “Send Certificate” below to generate and send her a formal Project Elect certificate listing the skills she already has.  Alternatively, you can send her a nomination email by clicking the “Nominate via Email” button below. 


Send her a certificate that lets her know she is already qualified to be a political candidate. List the callings she’s had and some skills she’s developed while serving in those callings.  A certificate will be emailed to her telling her exactly why her experience has already made her qualified to run. 


If you would rather just send her an email nudge, fill out this form and let her know you would think she would make a great elected official. We will send her an email telling her so, with a link to our resources and community support.

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