"When I was thinking about running for office and during my campaign, I got several encouraging calls and messages from women who'd run or served in office. They understood the pressures I was facing and the concerns that I had, and knew just what to say to give me the encouragement I needed to keep going."
Catherine Eslinger
Candidate for Utah State Legislature

Women running for office need help.  Usually a lot of help. Maybe you have a lot of campaign experience you can offer.  We’d love you to sign up to be a mentor!  Mentors are experienced campaigners.  Signing up to be a mentor may be as little of a commitment as a single phone call with a prospective candidate to share your knowledge. It could also be a longer-term relationship with her to help her get elected. It is really up to you and how involved you would like to be.

(We also have a Facebook Mentorship Program through our Facebook group.  For instructions on how to sign up via Facebook, scroll down below the form.)

Facebook Mentorship Program

We also run a mentorship program out of our Facebook group.  Below is a video outlining how to sign up to be a mentor on Facebook.  First, you must join our Facebook group, Project Elect: Women in Public Service Discussion Group.  Once you are a member, you’ll see a tab for “Mentorship” right below the group name on the main page.  Click that and walk through the steps to give a brief description of your political experience and what you are looking for in a mentee.  Then, potential candidates will have the opportunity to message you and request your mentorship.  

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