You are already qualified to run for office

You are already qualified to run for office

You do not need to be an attorney or a business leader or have a resume full of impressive-sounding qualifications before you run for office. Your life experience, your knowledge, your perspective, and your voice are what your community needs now.  As a member of the Church, you have probably been speaking in public since you were four years old. You likely have deep networks in your community.  You probably have held leadership positions, performed significant service in your community, listened to others, planned in difficult situations, learned to delegate, expressed empathy. The list goes on.

You are qualified.

So we are not going to tell you how to become more qualified to run for office. We might have some tips on how to prepare to run, however.




The first and most important thing you can do to prepare to run for office is to make a space in your heart for the possibility that you could run for office. Clear away just a little room—push aside the self-criticisms, the doubt, the fears, the logistical questions, the worries—and see if you can open up a little heart area in which you and/or God and/or inspired others can plant the seed of government service.



Then pray. Pray a lot. MAYBE! Maybe you’ll feel a green light. And maybe you’ll feel and hear nothing, and you’ll have to use your agency and wisdom and desires to guide you and trust that God will work with you when you’re acting on your honest desires to serve.



Run if you want to, if God tells you to, if you have time to, if you’re at all willing, OR (that’s an OR, not an AND) if no one else you respect will do it. You don’t need any better reason than “just ‘cause.”

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