“A Bolder Way Forward” Movement: Empowering Girls and Women in Utah

“A Bolder Way Forward” Movement: Empowering Girls and Women in Utah

Utah has been ranked as one of the worst states for women, with troubling statistics revealing the challenges faced by girls and women in the state. In response to this, “A Bolder Way Forward” has emerged as a new state movement aimed at lifting and empowering girls and women across Utah. Dr. Susan Madsen, Founding Director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project at Utah State University, emphasized the critical need for change, citing national and statewide studies that show girls and women in Utah are struggling in key areas.

Madsen highlighted concerning issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and women’s equality, where Utah typically ranks poorly. She emphasized the necessity of a new approach and a bolder effort to impact and empower Utah girls and women, urging for substantial and impactful change. The movement, “A Bolder Way Forward,” was launched with the vision of collectively making a greater impact, with various individuals and statewide organizations, including partners like the Cambia Health Foundation, coming together to drive positive change for women and girls.

Addressing crucial issues such as sexism, identity, culture, and male allyship, the initiative sets out to improve conditions for women and girls in Utah. Emphasizing the importance of data-driven approaches, Madsen stressed the need to reduce violence rates and create environments where men, women, boys, and girls can all thrive together. The movement’s comprehensive strategy encompasses 18 focus areas that fall into 5 broader categories, reflecting a holistic and inclusive approach to creating lasting change.

For those looking to get involved, the movement’s website, a bolderwayforward.org, provides further information and resources. Additionally, the upcoming fall women’s leadership forum on September 20th offers an opportunity to engage, learn, and contribute to the cause. Madsen encouraged the participation of companies, non-profits, schools, families, and communities, emphasizing the collective effort required to ensure the thriving of everyone in Utah. Through “A Bolder Way Forward,” Utah aims to pave the way for a brighter and more equitable future for girls and women across the state.

Read more about this here: https://www.fox13now.com/the-place/a-bolder-way-forward-is-a-vehicle-of-change-for-women-and-girls

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