“Empowering Latter-day Saint Women: Project Elect’s Mission for Public Service”

“Empowering Latter-day Saint Women: Project Elect’s Mission for Public Service”

Project Elect: Empowering Latter-day Saint Women for Public Service

Project Elect is dedicated to empowering and supporting Latter-day Saint women in their pursuit of public office. The organization recognizes the need for more women from diverse backgrounds and experiences to be at the table, making policy decisions that benefit everyone. By providing mentors, volunteer opportunities, and resources, Project Elect aims to facilitate a supportive environment for women seeking election and to enhance their skills and resources for effective campaigning and governance【39†source】.

The organization’s founder and CEO, Audrey Perry Martin, believes that increasing the participation of Latter-day Saint women in public office will contribute to solving the nation’s most complicated problems. Many of these women already possess valuable networks, experience, and necessary skills, making them ideal candidates. However, they may require encouragement to recognize their qualifications and potential impact in political office. To address the underrepresentation of women in government offices, Project Elect focuses on offering targeted support to encourage the participation of women at the local and national levels【39†source】.

Project Elect offers three main programs to support women interested in public service: experienced campaigners serve as mentors to women considering a run for office, volunteer opportunities are provided for women to support and assist potential candidates, and candidate recruiting tools, such as a qualification certification form, are available to empower women to pursue public office. The organization’s website also emphasizes the importance of civic engagement and provides education for all church members, particularly women, about the significance of getting involved in public service and leadership【39†source】.

The organization’s inspiration stems from a grassroots campaign in Northern California where a group of concerned Latter-day Saint women successfully resolved issues with the local school board through collaboration, resourcefulness, and effective advocacy. This experience led to the realization that Latter-day Saint women possess untapped potential in public service and should be encouraged to pursue political office. The organization launched shortly after President Dallin H. Oaks, a counselor in the church’s First Presidency, emphasized the exercise of influence and encouraged members to seek inspiration for exercising their influence through individual priorities, including running for office【39†source】.

The launch of Project Elect has garnered positive reactions from Latter-day Saint women with political experience, including Deidre Henderson, Utah’s newly elected lieutenant governor, and former U.S. Representative Mia Love. Their support and endorsement demonstrate the importance of creating opportunities and a supportive network for women interested in public service. The organization’s focus on empowering and encouraging women to actively participate in shaping their communities through public office signifies a timely and praiseworthy initiative【39†source】.

Project Elect’s dedication to empowering and supporting Latter-day Saint women in public service is a crucial step toward promoting diverse representation and enhancing the quality of policy decisions at all levels of government. By providing practical support, mentorship, and guidance, the organization aims to cultivate a new generation of women leaders who bring valuable perspectives and skills to the public sphere. The collective efforts of Project Elect and the support it has garnered from influential women with political experience signify a promising path towards a more inclusive and vibrant political landscape.
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