Empowerment Through Engagement: Hosting a Civic Engagement Fireside

Empowerment Through Engagement: Hosting a Civic Engagement Fireside

In a world where the clamor of political discourse often overwhelms, the importance of informed, nonpartisan civic engagement cannot be overstated. As followers of Christ, we are called not only to participate in our communities but to serve as beacons of integrity, charity, and wisdom within them. It is with this spirit that we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and service through hosting a Civic Engagement Fireside in your local area.

Why a Civic Engagement Fireside?

A Civic Engagement Fireside offers a unique opportunity to bring together local elected officials and community members in an atmosphere of learning and respect. This event aims to demystify the roles of local officials, foster a deeper understanding of public service, and inspire members of our church to consider how they might contribute to their communities through civic involvement or even candidacy in local elections.

What to Expect

This fireside is designed to be informational and inspirational, providing insights into the daily responsibilities of local officials, the importance of civic participation, and the pathways to becoming more involved in public service. By hearing directly from those in office, attendees will gain a clearer perspective on how government works at the local level and how they can make a positive impact.

Planning Your Fireside

To aid in the organization of this event, we have prepared a comprehensive planning packet. This packet includes detailed guidelines on setting up your fireside, from selecting a date to inviting speakers and promoting the event. You’ll find templates for “save the dates,” sample programs, and editable flyers to help make your fireside a success.

How to Access the Planning Packet

For those interested in hosting a Civic Engagement Fireside, we have made the planning packet easily accessible. To receive your copy, simply fill out the form linked here. This resource is designed to streamline the planning process, ensuring that your fireside is both engaging and effective in promoting civic engagement within our faith community.

As we seek to follow the admonitions of our church leaders to engage in our communities, let us do so with the intent to uplift, serve, and inspire. By hosting a Civic Engagement Fireside, you are taking a significant step toward fostering a culture of civic service and leadership within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We look forward to seeing the positive impact these firesides will have on our communities and on the hearts of all those who participate.

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